Mounting StrobiStrip 150

Ultra-slim light tube for 2 speedlights which is collapsible and can be rolled up.
Width lighting zone is 8 cm, and the height is 120 cm. StrobiStrip 100 can be fast mounted on speedlight's head with StrobiBoom Arms an Strobius UNI-001 Bracket.
Can be used in portrait and product photography as a key, kicker light, backlight or fill light source.

• External dimensions: 150x8x7 cm
• Width lighting zone: 120x8 cm
• Main material: Oxford waterproof 1680D, nylon, plastic
• Weight: 0.55 kg (without

• StrobiStrip 100
• Plastic to create a durable carcass
• Carry bag case 25х16х16 cm

Mounting System (if this is not available):
• Bracket Strobius UNI-001/002/Phottix Varos PRO BG - 1 pc. as a central attachment element on the the stand
• Speedlughts brackets Phorris Varos II XS, Type E or щерук - 2 pc. for mount flashes and triggers
• Two Telecopic Boom Arms Strobius 60-115 cm and Strobius 45-85 cm


Bracket strobius UNI-001 (or Phottix BG) - 1 pc


Boom Arms Strobius 60-115 cm and Strobius 45-85 cm


Flash Bracket Phottix or other (Type Е)- 2 PC


Strobitrip 150
Speedlights (Canon, Yongnuo, Shanny, Godox) - 2 pc